Energy Savings Optimization Program

Find out about the Commonwealth's real time metering program.

Commonwealth Building Energy Intelligence (CBEI)

The Commonwealth Building Energy Intelligence (CBEI) program is a joint effort with DOER.

CBEI data from Brooke courthouse


The Goals of CBEI are:

  • Improve building energy management practices
  • Drive operational efficiencies
  • Lower energy consumption and costs
  • Assist in identifying capital needs for energy-using equipment and/or systems;

CBEI provides opportunities for savings and tracks and records data for electricity, natural gas, steam, hot and chilled water, and oil. This program allows Commonwealth users to view the performance of its assets in real time and assist facility managers in making improvements prior to the end of a billing cycle. It measures and verifies savings achieved through energy projects and implemented measures.

The CBEI program provides whole building real-time energy metering and analytics on:

  • 25 million square feet
  • 390 buildings
  • 1200 meter streams of 5 minute data for electric, gas, etc.

CBEI Features

  • Web-based portal incorporating real-time data
  • Analytics identifying savings opportunities
  • Automated reports and alerts pushed out by email and text
  • Facilities given customized support and training

Typical Savings Measures

  • Scheduling changes
  • Night base-load reduction
  • Weekend and holiday shutdowns
  • Peak demand reduction


Krista Lillis, Manager for Savings Optimization Programs

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