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Environmental Justice Contacts

The individuals below are members of EEA’s Environmental Justice Task Force. Please contact them with any questions or concerns regarding EJ issues.
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
María Belén Power, Undersecretary of Environmental Justice & Equity mariabelen.power@mass.gov
Crystal Johnson, Assistant Secretary of Environmental Justice  crystal.a.johnson@mass.gov 
Caroline Lemoine, Deputy Director of Environmental Justice Caroline.Lemoine2@mass.gov 
Krishana Abrahim-Petrie, Environmental Justice Program Manager krishana.abrahim-petrie@mass.gov
Department of Agricultural Resources
Rebecca Davidson, Strategic Initiatives Manager / Environmental Justice Lead, Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Rebecca.Davidson@mass.gov 
Department of Conservation and Recreation
Jorge J. Ayub, Coastal Ecologist Jorge.Ayub@mass.gov 
Francisco Rodriguez, AMMP Program GIS Analyst Francisco.Rodriguez@mass.gov 
Department of Environmental Protection
Deneen Simpson, Director of Environmental Justice Deneen.Simpson@mass.gov 
Department of Fish and Game
Noah McClanan, Legislative Director Noah.McClanan2@mass.gov 
James Rossignol, Aquatic Biologist James.Rossignol@mass.gov 
Conrad Crawford, Environmental Justice Liasion conrad.r.crawford@mass.gov
Department of Energy Resources
Danilo Morales, Clean Energy Program and Outreach Manager Danilo.Morales@mass.gov 
Department of Public Utilities
Scott Seigal, Hearing Officer Scott.Seigal@mass.gov 
Wayne Wang, Energy Facilities Siting Analyst Wayne.Wang@mass.gov 
Coastal Zone Management
Tyler Soleau, Assistant CZM Director Tyler.Soleau@mass.gov 
Massachusetts Environmental Police
Captain Kevin Clayton, Deputy Chief of Enforcement Kevin.Clayton@mass.gov 
EEA Geographic Information System
Dominique Pahlavan, GIS Coordinator Dominique.Pahlavan@mass.gov
EEA Human Resources
Cindy Montoya, Director of Outreach and Planning Cindy.Montoya@mass.gov 
Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)
Tori Kim, Assistant Secretary / MEPA Director Tori.Kim@mass.gov 
Page Czepiga, Assistant MEPA Director Page.Czepiga@mass.gov 
Office of Technical Assistance (OTA)
Tiffany Skogstrom, OTA Director Tiffany.Skogstrom@mass.gov 
Kari Sasportas, Outreach and Policy Analyst Kari.Sasportas@mass.gov 
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Beverly Craig, Senior Program Manager, Low- & Moderate-Income Programs BCraig@masscec.com 
Jade Lu, Clean Transportation Program Manager JLU@masscec.com
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Tomeka Cribb-Jones, Associate Special Assistant, Affirmative Action Tomeka.Cribb-Jones@mwra.com 

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