Establishing a nursing education program within Massachusetts

Information about seeking approval status for a proposed program

The Board shall approve the establishment and continuing operation of nursing education programs. Before the admission of students, a program shall receive both Prerequisite and Initial Approval Status.

Prerequisite Approval Status

Applications for Prerequisite Approval must be received by the Board at least 12 months before students can be admitted to a program.

The application must include the following:

  1. The name under which the program shall be operated and which shall be used by the program in all communications;
  2. The rationale for establishing the program and details of the type of program planned, length of the program, and expected opening date;
  3. The philosophy and objectives of the parent institution;
  4. The statute, charter or articles of incorporation authorizing the institution to conduct a program;
  5. Evidence of accreditation of the parent institution;
  6. Verification of approval of the program by the chief executive officer of the parent institution;
  7. A description of the relationship of the proposed program to the parent institution;
  8. A comprehensive feasibility study which shall include, but not be limited, to the following:
    a. Documentation of the need and demand for such a program in Massachusetts;
    b. Projected impact on other programs in the region where the program has been proposed;
    c. Availability of a qualified program administrator and faculty; and
    d. Source(s) and number of potential students;
  9. Names of proposed cooperating agencies, including evidence of their intent to contribute to the achievement of the clinical objectives of the program;
  10. Satisfactory evidence provided by the parent institution of:
    a. Adequate support resources including a library, audio/visual resources, classroom(s), laboratory, supplies, equipment, offices, secretaries, and academic counseling;
    b. Adequate financial resources for planning, implementing and continuing the program; and
  11. A timetable for planning and implementing the entire program, including the dates of the appointments of the program administrator and faculty;

After the application is received by the Board a site survey will be scheduled to verify the information provided in the application.

A qualified Program Administrator must be appointed at least 12 months before the program plans to admit students.

Send the application by Mail. Attention: Nursing Education Coordinator

6.05 Site Survey Guideline PDF (Doc)

Initial Approval Status

After Prerequisite Approval Status has been granted, the Program must apply for Initial Approval Status before students can be admitted to the Program. The application must be submitted by the Program Administrator using this form:

Guidelines for 244 CMR 6.05 Initial Approval Application PDF (Doc)

Full Approval Status

After Initial Approval Status has been granted, the Program must apply for Full Approval status within three months of receiving the NCLEX pass rates for all graduates of the first class.

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