Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (EOHED) FY23 data-driven performance

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The administration is working hard to improve your experience with state government. To that end, EOHED has been asked to identify our critical constituent-facing services and to track our ongoing efforts to improve their delivery. By selecting key metrics and measuring performance against annual targets, our goal is to provide you with the resources you need as simply, efficiently, and transparently as possible.

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EOHED's Fiscal Year 2023 performance

Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (EOHED) – Executive Office

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Support communities in the ease of accessing community-related grant programs.

Actively engage at least 2/3 of municipalities through the Community One Stop for Growth Process through either the Expression of Interest or Full Application.  

Support the state's employers through the training and connecting of workforce. Train 650 people and place 600 interns.  

Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD)

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Actively connect with businesses, business partners and municipalities to assist in facilitation of state resources and to understand the needs of businesses of all sizes. Meet with 250 unique company visits, 600 meetings with municipalities.   

Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI)

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Promote Foreign Direct Investment into MA.

MOITI will engage by itself and with other State/Quasi agencies as well as the U.S. Commerce Dept. to promote MA.  MOITI expects to have at least 20 FDI engagement meetings.

Support MA Small Business via STEP Grant.

MOITI will support 40 STEP 89 clients through Sept. 2022. MOITI will submit a FY22 STEP 10 Proposal upon release by the SBA. The proposal will involve approximately 40 companies and a MA Pavilion at a trade show TBD.

Continue to foster relationships with MA-based Diplomatic Corps.  MOITI will plan at least 20 events of various assistance to the Diplomatic Corps, including virtual meetings.  

Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR)—Executive Office - HIC

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Develop and implement a consumer education campaign to reach a broad but specific target audience with emphasis on Home Improvement safeguards.   OCABR will utilize various paid and free media options to convey key information.  

Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR)—Executive Office

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Continue to empower Massachusetts consumers through OCABR’s community outreach and education programs, including consumer and licensee recognition events, tradeshows,  and initiatives with government and non-profit partners. We will also provide consumers in the Commonwealth with scam alerts, tips, and resources to keep them informed. OCABR will aim to host 75 consumer events with a target reach of 5,000 commonwealth residents attending both in person and virtually, produce 18 OCABR licensee recognition events honoring various businesses/industries licensed under OCABR, distribute monthly OCABR Consumer update newsletters (12), write weekly blogs on various consumer related topics (52), and post daily social media updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.   
Continue to effectively serve inquiring consumers through the Office’s hotline and online presence.   OCABR will accomplish this goal by enhancing the website user experience and implementing a hotline call direction tree offering solutions to common inquiries.  

OCABR – Division of Banks

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Promote protections and education for consumers through participation (virtually and/or in-person as possible) in consumer events including America Saves Week, First Time Home Buyer, and Credit for Life events. Continue to develop and promote consumer financial and industry concerns utilizing the DOB connects platform. With the lifting of pandemic restrictions and community organizations resuming in-person events, the Division of Banks hopes to resume participation consumer events . DOB will also leverage the DOB connects platform with goal of producing 3 consumer-oriented webcasts.  

OCABR – Division of Insurance

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Continue to explore additional functionality of DOI's State Based Systems and the related NAIC OPT Ins payment system, offering insurance companies ability to pay various DOI fees online. Review and consider feasibility of SBS for DOI to track its receipt of and assignment of responses to legislative inquiries.    

Division of Occupational Licensure

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  

Continue to implement paperless initial license application process for Boards at DPL for all boards  (28 out of 28 Boards).  This will allow the licensees of the targeted boards to apply for their initial professional license online, improving efficiency of process time and providing convenience to our licensees.

Welcome Center and full agency rollout of a new softphone that will capture and be able to report the amount and type of inquiries the Division receives which will allow for better customer service improvements. 

100% of initial application process for all 28 Professional Boards will be paperless.

Capture 100% of specific customer inquries with Welcome Center and the Division.


OCABR – Department of Telecommunications & Cable

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Develop and implement new Document Management System for the intake, cataloguing and publishing of compliance forms and data. The DMS is necessitated by the Document Disposition program and is expected to significantly reduce preparation time for industry filers seeking to meet regulatory obligations. Successful launch of the DMS is also expected to improve ease of access to information for the public and stakeholders, including municipalities and industry analysts, who rely on the filings for calculation of fees and general research purposes. Continue to digitize existing paper compliance filings, work with EOHED IT to select a system vendor and implementation manager.  

OCABR – Division of Standards

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  

Make license data publicly accessible via DOS website.  This will both improve access for the public and stakeholders and free DOS staff  to perform other functions.

Improve inspection and compliance effectiveness, by reorganizing compliance operations and improving training and oversight.  This will both increase the number of inspections and the type of compliance checks performed across the Commonwealth.

Work with Solutions Automation to implement license verification system.

Implement field staff reorganization.


Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) – Executive Office

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Calendar year eviction filings for 2022 for non-payment of rent to be at least 10% lower than in calendar year 2019 Continue pattern of reduced eviction filings at below pre-pandemic levels (2019)   

DHCD —Division of Community Services

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Improve inspection and compliance effectiveness, by reorganizing compliance operations and improving training and oversight.  This will both increase the number of inspections and the type of compliance checks performed across the Commonwealth. Increase new/first time applicant households to LIHEAP by 10% compared to the previous year.  

DHCD —Division of Housing Development

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Design and begin implementation of plan to use federal ARPA funds that the legislature has dedicated to supportive housing, keeping a focus on providing permanent housing for the homeless.  ARPA funding would be made available to sponsors in competitive funding rounds, with a goal of increasing the number of supportive housing units by at least 15% over the FY22 stated goal,, i.e. 240.    

DHCD —Division of Housing Stabilization

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Deploy existing and new funds to rapidly rehouse families, making homeless rare, brief, and non-recurring. Increase HomeBASE utilization at the EA front door and upon exit by 10% over FY23, reducing the caseload in EA shelter.  

DHCD —Division of Housing and Rental Assistance

FY23 Metric FY23 Target  
Utilize Section 8 reserve resources to continue to support a voucher surge in order to maximize availability and access to affordable housing opportunities for households throughout the Commonwealth. Surpass 103.5% utilization (leasing) in DHCD's tenant-based Section 8 portfolio.  


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