Expedited arbitration

Parties are given the opportunity to utilize our general expedited procedure that moves a case to the front of the calendar and provides the parties with an immediate decision.

Expedited arbitration agreement

In order to participate in this program, both parties must agree to the process set out in a General Expedited Arbitration Agreement.  If both parties agree to the terms of the agreement, the parties are asked to sign, date, and return the agreement to us with 3 proposed hearing dates within the assigned quarter.


The expedited arbitration hearing takes 70 minutes:  the employee organization and the employer each receive up to 25 minutes to present their positions and 10 minutes for rebuttal.  Time frames may be extended at the arbitrator's discretion.  There is no cross examination, but either side may ask clarification questions through the arbitrator.

Each party should bring one person to present the case and one additional representative.  The employer and/or the employee organization may request the attendance of other necessary witnesses, and the arbitrator will not unreasonably deny such requests.

The employer and the employee organization may submit a written position statement of not more than 5 pages to the arbitrator before the arbitration.

The arbitrator's award is no more than 1 page in length and is transmitted to the parties the next regular business day following the arbitration.

The arbitrator's award is final and binding on the parties and there is no right to appeal the award in any court or tribunal.  The award does not set precedent.

Both parties must have, either present at the arbitration hearing or immediately available by phone, a person with full settlement authority in the event a settlement is proposed.

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