Department of Labor Relations (DLR)

The DLR is responsible for promoting stable, productive and cooperative relationships between public employers and their represented employees by administering and enforcing the Commonwealth's collective bargaining laws.

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Main Office
Department of Labor Relations, Lafayette City Center, 2 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, MA 02111-1750
Springfield Office (by appointment only)
Springfield State Office Building, 436 Dwight Street, Room 206, Springfield, MA 01103
Worcester Office (by appointment only)
Mercantile Center, 100 Front Street, Suite 310, Worcester, MA 01608


Boston/Main (617) 626-7132
Springfield (413) 784-1230
Worcester (508)-762-3374


(617) 626-7157

Who we serve

We serve public sector employers, employees, and unions. We carry out our objectives by: 

  • Investigating, mediating, adjudicating, and litigating public sector unfair labor practice cases
  • Defining appropriate bargaining units and conducting elections in which public employees may choose whether and which employee organization they want to represent them in collective bargaining
  • Providing mediation, fact-finding, and arbitration services to assist public employers and employee representatives in resolving labor disputes and contract negotiations
  • Enforcing special collective bargaining laws related to municipal police and firefighters through the Joint Labor Management Committee

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