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Find a Dairy Co-Packer

Use this map to find a dairy co-packer who can make a product with your farm's brand.

Before contacting a co-packer, we recommend that you work through these worksheets and contact Rebecca Davidson at 857-202-7699.

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Dairy Co-Packing Processing Facilities

Crescent Ridge Dairy Inc.
355 Bay Rd., Sharon, MA 
Contact: Rob Mccarthy, 781-784-2740, rmccarthy@crescentridge.com   
Product Options: Milk (Whole, 2%, 1%, Non-Fat, Whole Chocolate, 1% Chocolate), Eggnog
300 gallon production run maximum, with minimum of 150 gallons        

320 Hamilton St., Leominster MA
Contact: JD Sethi, 617-281-1311, jd@dahlicious.com
Product Options: Yogurt, Kefir, Drinkable Yogurt    
1,000 gallon production run. Services provided: processing, packaging, formula development, technical support. 

Grace Hill Farm              
47 Potash Hill Rd., Cummington, MA  
Contact: Max Bretenicher, 781-771-8194, gracehilldairy@gmail.com 
Product Options: Cheese (Aged, Fresh)    
680 liter vat pasteurizer can produce 100lbs cheese per batch. Minimum production run is 280 liters.           

High Lawn Farm    
535 Summer St., Lee, MA
Roberto Laurens    (413) 243-0672 X103    r.laurens@highlawnfarm.com
Product Options: Milk (Whole, Low Fat, Fat Free, Chocolate), Eggnog, Butter (Including Flavored), Ghee, Ice Cream, Cheese (Pasteurized Aged, Fresh)    
300 gallon production run minimum and 4,000 gallon maximum for fluid milk bottling. 6-7 tote maximum run for other products.
FMMO Qualified Status: Pool Distributing Plant.  

Little White Goat Dairy    
309 Gidney Rd., Orange, MA
Contact: Rachel Scherer - 978-790-1240, littlewhitegoatdairy@gmail.com
Product Options: Cheese (Semi-hard, Fresh), Yogurt, Kefir    
100 liter vat for product development and small batch runs of  pasteurized fresh and semi-hard cheeses (25-45lb yield), yogurt, kefir (100 quart yield). Limited product storage and 60+ day aging for raw milk cheese.             

Puleo's Dairy  
376 Highland Ave, Salem, MA
Contact: Chuck Puleo, 978-590-7611, chuckpuleo376@gmail.com
Product Options: Milk (Whole, Skim, Chocolate, Coffee), Eggnog, Ice Cream (for private label only)    
For commingled milk, flexibility with production runs. For segregated milk, minimum production run is 500 gallons.
FMMO Qualified Status: Exempt Distributing Plant    

Round Table Farm    
42 Jackson Rd., Hardwick, MA
Contact: Archer Meier & Marlo Stein, 617-875--6604, howdy@roundtable.farm
Product Options: Cheese (Aged, Raw)    
Production runs from 50-200 gallons, Services up for discussion: Aging, Cut&Wrap, and Labeling. FMMO Qualified Status: Non Pool Plant.           

Shaw Farm Dairy  
195 New Boston Rd., Dracut, MA
Contact: Warren Shaw, 978-957-0031, warren@shawfarm.com
Product Options: Milk, Ice Cream    
Interested in being a part of another farms attempts at direct marketing but not looking to take on high volume FMMO Qualified Status: Exempt Distributing Plant          

Upinngil Farm    
 411 Main Rd., Gill, MA 
Contact: Clifford Hatch, 413-863-4431, clifford@upinngil.com
Product Options: Cheese (Aged, Raw)    
Vacuum packed aged raw milk cheese. No aging storage available. FMMO Qualified Status: Non Pool Plant.  

If you would like to be considered as a facility listed on our Dairy Co-Packing list and map, please contact Rebecca Davidson, 857-202-7699, Rebecca.Davidson@mass.gov.

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