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Find a pheasant stocked area

Every year, MassWildlife stocks about 40,000 ring-necked pheasants statewide on public and private lands that are open to hunting. Use this map to find locations stocked with pheasants during the hunting season. Click on a point to get more information about the location.
pheasant stocking frequency

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More information

  • Click here to view pheasant hunting regulations.
  • Game Bird Hunting Log. Game bird hunters in Massachusetts keep a daily log of their hunting activities and observations of game birds while hunting bobwhite quail, pheasant, woodcock, and grouse. These observations will provide MassWildlife biologists with information on game bird populations across the state.
  • NOTE: The stocking schedule is subject to change due to factors including equipment failure, personnel, inclement weather, high water, or other unforeseen circumstances.