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Where are Brownfield sites? - or POTENTIAL Brownfields?

Brownfield sites may be small parcels in your local neighborhood or large abandoned industrial properties. The presence of contamination - or the fear of potential contamination - and the desire to redevelop/re-use a property is all it takes to be considered a candidate for brownfield incentives. Here are several ways of finding potential Brownfields in Massachusetts.

Search Known Disposal Sites On-Line

There are over 40,000 reported releases of oil or hazardous material in Massachusetts. Any of these may be eligible for Brownfield incentives for further redevelopment activities. Look here for the MassDEP site search tool, an instructional video, and information to help you interpret the search results.

Additional Resources

Download Brownfield Site Information

MassDEP has prepared maps and spreadsheets to help potential developers identify candidate Brownfield properties, as well as document current and past Brownfields developments.

Please note that these lists/maps are not comprehensive, as Brownfield sites are NOT required to "self-identify" or register with the Department.

Additional Resources

NEW! Find Brownfield Sites in Central Massachusetts!

Fact Sheets for 286 Brownfield Sites in MassDEP's Central Region are now updated and are available through an ArcGIS Online web map.  Try the link below.

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