Frequently Asked Questions about Water Utilities During COVID-19

Many residents are struggling to pay their bills, including their monthly utility bills. Water is an essential services—that’s why it is important that customers know their rights and where they can go for help if they need it.

I am struggling to pay my water bills. Can my water service be shut-off?

Customers receiving water service from an investor-owned water utility company are protected from water shut-offs until April 1, 2020. If you are not sure what type of water utility provides your water service, click here and scroll to Exhibit C to see the list of water companies that must comply with the moratorium. If you receive water service through your municipality, call your municipality to see if they are voluntarily complying with the moratorium on residential shut-offs. 

Do I need to pay my water bill during a moratorium on shut-offs?

Shut-off protection does not mean free water utility service. You are still responsible for paying for the water utility services that you use, even during a moratorium on shut-offs. Failing to make payments during shut-off protection means a larger utility bill and the possibility of disconnection once that protection ends. 

Please note that if you receive water service from a municipal provider, failure to pay our water bill can have serious consequences, including the placement of a municipal lien on your property.

The AG’s Office strongly encourages residents and businesses that are struggling financially to contact their water service provider and discuss payment plan options and other payment assistance programs that may be available. 

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