Get involved with the Basiliere Bridge replacement project

The Basiliere Bridge is important to the City of Haverhill and its residents. Find out more about how you can participate in the design process for the new bridge.

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A local landmark

The Basiliere Bridge is a symbol of Haverhill and a source of pride for the community. Some version of its picture is on the City's own website and the local Fire Department's uniforms. The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce and Latino Coalition also use a picture of the bridge in their logos. MassDOT knows that the new bridge's design is important to the city and its residents.

A robust public process

MassDOT has already had conversations with the Haverhill City and state elected leaders. In the next six months, the agency will engage the broader community. By mid-summer 2023, MassDOT expects to:

  • Understand what type of bridge will replace the existing structure.
  • Determine the appearance of the replacement bridge.

The Haverhill community will be our partner in this effort. There will be digital and in-person ways to engage. General meetings will provide an overview of the full project. We will also offer meetings focused on the new structure's appearance. We invite all interested parties to get involved.

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