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Get trained on cybersecurity awareness

Positioning the Commonwealth on cybersecurity readiness and preparedness to remain vigilant to potential threats.

No matter where you work, cybersecurity training is a core requirement for overall cybersecurity hygiene and posture.  A cyber breach can occur in any department at any time or through any employee falling prey to a phishing, smishing, hacking, or ransomware attacks. Cybersecurity is everybody’s responsibility.  

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Cybersecurity training for state employees

The Commonwealth has made it a priority to educate our workforce in industry best practices to maintain good ‘cyber hygiene.’ 

All executive branch employees and contractors with access to a Commonwealth-provided email are required to complete the course when hired, and annually thereafter. Annual security awareness training for state employees, training exercises, and simulated phishing campaigns are critical components of our focus on end-point security. 

Cybersecurity training for municipal employees

The Office of Municipal and School Technology (OMST) administers the annual Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program to improve cybersecurity posture through end-user training, evaluation, and threat simulation.

Local government agencies apply to participate in the grant program through a competitive application process each fall. The program is free to participating organizations.

Cybersecurity training for everyone

With cyber criminals constantly innovating, improving, and refining their techniques to penetrate our defense, we encourage you to take advantage of these valuable resources to continually improve your cyber awareness and hygiene to stay ahead of potential threats.

Our federal partners at CISA, the nation’s lead cybersecurity agency, have an array of valuable resources available, from a workforce training guide to tabletop exercise packages

Our partners at the MassCyberCenter maintain a list of cybersecurity training and education opportunities that are regularly updated. 

Additionally, the MassCyberCenter, working with the Cyber Resilient Massachusetts Working Group, has established a Minimum Baseline of Cybersecurity with resources and recommended protective measures municipalities can implement to establish an initial foundation to safeguard against cyberattacks. The cornerstone of the Minimum Baseline is a workforce trained in cybersecurity. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Management Institute provides training to enhance the capabilities of government agencies, volunteer organizations, and the private sector to minimize the impact of disasters and emergencies on the American public. Learn more about courses and independent study.

The U.S. Secret Service’s National Computer Forensics Institute offers training courses to state and local law enforcement, prosecutors and judges through funding from the federal government.  

The SANS Institute provides industry-leading community programs, resources, training, certifications and events. 

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