Guidelines for Parole Hearings

There are certain expectations and guidelines to follow in order to ensure hearings are conducted efficiently.

What to consider

To ensure hearings go as smoothly as possible, you should:

  • Dress in an appropriate manner 
  • Be on time
  • Avoid bringing children into the proceeding unless they're part of the process
  • Consider not bringing cell phones, pagers, or any other electronic devices into the proceeding
  • Avoid discussing proceedings with other parties in the room unless directed by the Parole Board
  • Don't bring a personal weapon or anything that could be mistaken for a weapon as anything in violation will be removed by security staff
  • Speak clearly and loud enough to be heard by all as all proceedings are required to be recorded
  • Always address the Parole Board members appropriately and respectfully
  • Depart promptly as many proceedings are usually scheduled throughout the day

Additional Resources

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