How to Search the File Room

The File Room allows you to view materials and filings related to the DTC's administrative proceedings, rulemaking actions and other agency business.

What you need

In order to search for a Docket, you will need either the Docket ID number or the original date of the filing.   If you are unable to access a document or cannot locate a Docket ID, please contact the DTC's Records Access Officer (RAO) for assistance.

Description of Docket ID System

Each Docket is identified by a unique ID number that is assigned to each proceeding. 

Docket IDs have two parts: YEAR-DOCKET NUMBER

  • YEAR: Indicates the year the docket was created.  Please Note:  Some Dockets can span several years.
  • DOCKET NUMBER:  A numerical identifier for each Docket.  Please Note:  Single digits should not be preceded by a "0". 

For example, enter 17-1 to locate the documents related to DTC Docket 17-1. 

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