How to use Multi-factor Authentication

MFA is a secure authentication method that requires employees to enter their account password and a PIN to access their files and applications online. Here you'll find instructions on how to log-in using MFA.

Table of Contents

Step 1. Enter your Commonwealth email as your username

Sign in to your commonwealth account with your user name and password at



sign in

Step 2. Enter your network password and choose your authentication method

Enter your network password.

Choose your authentication method. Follow the instructions for your chosen method below

Option 1- Authenticate using a mobile app

Open your authenticator app and type the randomly generated code for your account into the Enter Code box.


authenticator app

You will receive confirmation on the computer screen

Authenticator Confirm

Option 2 - Authenticate using text messages

Microsoft will send a six-digit code via text to the phone registered in your Azure AD MFA profile


Open the text message and type the code from your text message into the Enter Code box


enter Code

The successful enrollment screen appears.  Click Done.


Option 3 - Authenticate using phone calls

Select the phone number on which you want to receive the call.

Answer your phone and follow the instructions.

Upon completion of the process, you should receive a confirmation on the screen similar to this:

phone success
Date published: January 7, 2019