ICHH Membership


Membership of ICHH -  July 2016

1. Secretary of Executive Office of Health and Human Services – CO-CHAIR

2 Secretary of Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development – CO-CHAIR

3. Secretary of Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

4. Secretary of Education

5. Secretary of Administration and Finance

6. Secretary of Department of Veterans Services

7. Secretary of Executive Office of Elder Affairs

8. Undersecretary of Department of Housing and Community Development

9. Executive Director of MassHousing

10. Executive Director of Mass Housing Partnership

11. Executive Director of Community Economic Development and Assistance Corporation

12. Assistant Secretary of MassHealth

13. Commissioner of Department of Transitional Assistance

14. Commissioner of Department of Public Health

15. Commissioner of Department of Children and Families

16. Commissioner of Department of Mental Health

17. Commissioner of Department of Youth Services

18. Commissioner of Department of Corrections

19.  Commissioner of Mass Rehab Commission

20.  Commissioner of Department of Developmental Services

21.  Commissioner of Mass Commission for the Blind

22.  Commissioner of Mass Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

23. Commissioner of Early Education and Care

24. Commissioner of Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education

25. Director of the Office for Refugees and Immigrants


Advisory Council to the ICHH – July 2016

1. Sue Beaton – Fireman Foundation/One Family

2. Brenda Clement – Executive Director, CHAPA

3. Libby Hayes – Homes for Families

4. Janet Richardi – South Coast Regional Network to End Homelessness

5. Maureen Fitzgerald – Regional Non-Profit Housing Network

6. Grace Carmark – Central MA Housing Alliance

7. Joe Finn – Mass housing and Shelter Alliance

8. Kelly Turley – MA Coalition for the Homeless

9. Elisabeth Jackson – Bridge Over Troubled Waters

10. John Yazwinski – Father Bill’s & MainSpring

11. Tom Lorello – Heading Home

12. Stephanie Brown – Casa Myrna

13. Michael Durkin – United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley

14. Lyndia Downey – Pine Street Inn

15. Gerry McCafferty – Springfield Housing Department

16. John Ratka – VNOC, Haverhill, MA

17. Jerry Rubin – President CEO, Jewish Vocational Services

18. David Gadaire, Executive Director, Career Point

19. Kelley Cronin – Acton Housing Authority

20. Evelyn Friedman, Greater Lawrence Community Action Council

21. Kelly Dwyer – DV/SA Program Director and Veteran, Brockton Health Imperatives

22. Jonathan Delman – Technical Assistance Collaborative (Consumer from Sec., Sudders)

23. Rolfe Green – Consumer

24. Dianne Luby – CEO/Executive Director, Horizons for Homeless Children

25. Chris Hagar – Beacon (MassHealth provider)

26. Kristin Grazioso – Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

27. Chris Norris – Metro Boston Housing Partnership

28. Hannah Hassey – Department of Public Health LGBTQ Commission


There are five committees to the ICHH they are:

1.  The Committee on Supportive Housing Production and Services;

2.  The Committee on Veterans

3. The Committee on Families

4. The Committee on Housing and Services for Persons with Disabilities

5. The Committee on Elders and Chronic Homeless.

There are two affiliated councils to the ICHH who participate regularly – the Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Commission(website coming soon) and the Governor’s Commission on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence


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