Independent Living Centers

ILCs help people with disabilities live independently in the community.

What is an Independent Living Center?

Independent Living Centers (ILCs) are private, nonprofit, consumer-controlled organizations providing services and advocacy by and for people with all types of disabilities. They create opportunities and help you achieve your greatest level of independent living within your family or community. 

Centers for Independent Living help people with disabilities reach their goals through peer counseling, skills training, advocacy, and information and  referral. Centers may also provide a range of other services such as housing referrals, communication help, support groups, transportation, health  information and much more.  They also serve as a strong consumer voice on a wide range of national, state and local issues.

Community-based independent living is the best option for people with disabilities. The average yearly cost of institutionalization is $110,000, while the typical cost of independent community-based living is $35,000-50,000. Independent  Living Centers are vital in helping people with disabilities make the transition from costly institution-based settings to less expensive community-based  living.

What is the relationship of ILCs to the MRC?

MRC's Community Living Services support the operation and staffing of 11 Independent Living Centers statewide with federal and state ILC funding. MRC staff monitor and evaluate the performance of Independent Living Centers and also fund a variety of services delivered by a center.

Call the Center nearest you to find out how to receive these supportive, informative, and life-changing services.

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