Inmate reentry programs

We offer many programs and workshops for inmates to prepare for life after their release.

Reentry workshops and presentations

We emphasize creating a plan for an inmate's reentry into the community by encouraging them to attend our reentry workshops. These workshops prepare inmates by:

  • Developing a reentry plan

  • Developing basic life skills

We also encourage them to go to our reentry presentations that discuss services available to them after release such as:

  • Finding housing

  • Finding a job

  • Medical needs

  • Substance abuse treatment

  • Mental health

  • Transportation

  • Legal issues

Rehabilitation and reentry programs

Many recreational, religious, and volunteer programs are available to inmates at our facilities. These programs can include:

  • Parenting Program

  • Correctional Recovery Academy

  • Substance Abuse Program

  • Violence Reduction Program

Pre-Release inmates may be able to take part in the Work Release Program. This program:

  • Matches an inmate's skills with job opportunities in the community

  • Allows inmates to earn at least minimum wage

  • Gives an inmate work experience to make the employment process easier after release

To participate, an inmate must meet eligibility and be within 18 months of release or parole eligibility.


Additional Resources

Regional reentry centers

The Massachusetts Parole Board operates regional reentry centers across the state. These centers help inmates make the transition from prison to the community. Staff help released inmates to:

  • Get food assistance

  • Get a state I.D. card

  • Renew a driver's license

  • Open a bank account

  • Find work

  • Find counseling

These centers are open to released inmates with no post-release supervision. If you are a released inmate, members of our department may be able bring you to the reentry center closest to your release address. This program is also available to former inmates at any time after they are released.

MassHealth program for released inmates

Our department partners with MassHealth to provide healthcare to released inmates. This healthcare allows access to:

  • Medical services

  • Mental health services

  • Substance abuse treatment

School of Reentry

The School of Reentry at the Boston Pre-Release Center is a pilot program open to minimum security inmates. Inmates finish their sentence and take part in programs to develop their:

  • Educational skills

  • Professional skills

  • Critical reasoning skills


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