Laws authored by the Office of the State Auditor

See the laws that the Office of the State Auditor has brought forward to improve accountability and transparency, and build public trust in government.

In addition to conducting audits to improve government performance, the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) also works with the Massachusetts Legislature to pass laws that improve accountability and transparency in government, and provide new tools to bolster the work of the office. Below you will find laws that were brought forward by the State Auditor.

Streamlining Statutory Audit Schedules (2017)

Auditing State Government Vendors and Contractors (2011)

This law ensures the Office of the State Auditor has the ability to audit state government contractors, vendors, grantees, and other entities, to ensure they are using tax dollars with accountability, and meeting their responsibilities to the residents of the Commonwealth.

To accomplish this, the law requires that contracts and agreements with the Commonwealth include a clause that provides the OSA with access to the entities accounts, books, records, and activities related to the service it provides.

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Subpoena Power for Medicaid Fraud Investigations (2004)

The legislation enables BSI to more effectively carry out its mandated investigative responsibilities by giving BSI the authority to access certain tax records for the investigation of Medicaid (MassHealth) fraud cases.

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Local Government Audits (2003)

In response to requests from municipalities to conduct audits and provide recommendations about how to improve performance, this law granted the OSA the ability to audit local government entities, and laid out a process for these entities to request an audit. Under the law, the governing body in a city, town, county, or regional school district can vote to request that the OSA conduct an audit, and requires that the local government entity pay for the audit. It also states that the State Auditor retains discretion on accepting these requests and has the final say on the nature and extent of the audit.

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Strengthening Access to Auditee Records (2002)

This law guarantees that the OSA has access to all records and documents related to an ongoing audit. It gives the OSA the ability, through action in Superior Court, to subpoena materials from an auditee who refuses repeated oral and written requests to provide these records for review. This limited subpoena power is a valuable tool for improving the effectiveness and timeliness of the audit process.

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Protecting State Government Assets from Loss, Theft, or Damage (1989)

This legislation, on which the OSA worked closely with the State Comptroller, was filed in response to repeated audit findings that showed state agencies were not properly protecting state government assets. The law requires state agencies to develop and implement an internal accounting and administrative control system to protect state government property and finances from loss, theft, or damage. It also requires that the agency periodically evaluate its plan, and report all instances of loss, theft, of damage of state property or funds to the OSA immediately.

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