MA-issued SMART Health Cards FAQs for Businesses & Organizations

Massachusetts issued SMART Health Cards frequently asked questions for Businesses and Organizations.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is making COVID-19 digital vaccine cards available to residents using the SMART Health Card platform.  This is a voluntary tool that residents can use to access their COVID-19 vaccination record electronically.

The Commonwealth is not requiring residents to show proof of vaccination to enter any venue. However, some municipalities may require certain businesses to check for vaccination status, and businesses or other entities may have questions on how they could utilize the digital vaccine cards to serve their needs. This FAQ is intended to answer questions for that audience.

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What should a legitimate state-issued digital vaccine card look like?

The Massachusetts-issued SMART Health Card includes the following features in addition to a QR code:

  • Above QR code: State seal, MIIS logo, Commonwealth of Massachusetts text
  • Below QR code: COVID-19 SMART Health Card text and logo, resident name, date of birth, dose date(s), and dose type(s)

Please note, iPhone users have the option of adding their Massachusetts-issued SMART Health Card to their Apple Wallet. When presented from the Apple Wallet, the Massachusetts-issued SMART Health Card will appear in a format different from the one described above. Apple Wallet displays the person’s name, vaccine manufacturer, dose dates, and issued by fields above the QR code. The issued-by field should read:

Note that the digital vaccine card may be presented on a person’s phone, or the person may have a paper printed version of the digital vaccine card.

How do I verify vaccination status from someone’s digital vaccine card?

The SMART Health Card contains the same text as a person’s paper CDC card:

  • Name, Date of Birth, Dose Date(s), Dose Type(s)

For businesses and other entities seeking to verify SMART Health Cards, the Commonwealth recommends using the free SMART Health Card Verifier app, created by the non-profit Commons Project.

When scanned by the app, a Massachusetts-issued digital vaccine card will show a green box indicating that it’s a valid digital vaccine card using the SMART Health Card platform, issued by the Commonwealth. The app screen will also show the person’s name, date of birth, dose manufacturer, and dose date. The green box does not indicate that someone is fully vaccinated, only that the SMART Health Card is legitimate. The text below the QR code will indicate how many vaccine doses the person has received.

Where can I get the SMART Health Card Verifier app?

The SMART Health Card Verifier app is available free of charge from the Apple and Google Play stores. It’s ready to use and doesn’t require creating an account or logging in. Using the in-app camera, you simply use your mobile phone or tablet to scan a person’s SMART Health Card QR code.

Will the SMART Health Card Verifier app let me keep a record of who visits my facility?

No. The SMART Health Card Verifier app does not collect or store personal data.

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