Maintaining your DBE certification

You must renew your certification every year and keep your information updated once your company is DBE certified.

Table of Contents

Annual Renewal

Your certification letter terminates on the date written in your letter unless revoked before it expires. Your company will receive a reminder letter 30 days before the expiration date. This letter includes a list of items due as well as the year needed.

Personal Financial Statement (PNW)

We evaluate the Personal Net Worth of a company’s owner(s) every 3 years. Your reminder letter will include the notification as well as the necessary forms.

Changes in Circumstances

If a change occurs in your business, it is your responsibility to inform us within 30 days. You must send a written notice to the MassUCP Director with the new information.

Changes that may affect your certification include, but are not limited to:

  • change in ownership, control, or operations
  • relocation of a business
  • change of products or services

We rely on accurate, complete and current information. Misleading or inaccurate information is grounds for your business to lose its certification.

Withdrawing your DBE certification

You must send a written notice if you no longer wish to remain certified or if your company is no longer in business. Please state in the notification that you like to withdraw your DBE certification.

Send your request to Nedra White, Director, MassUCP/DBE Certification Office


Businesses decertified more than 1 year:

You must apply for certification again. Go to the Unified Certification Program (UCP) web page. If you're an out-of-state applicant, click on the link for DBE Interstate.

Businesses decertified less than 1 year:

Send a written request to reopen the certification to Nedra White, Director, MassUCP/DBE Certification Office.

Updating contact information

People view the directory of certified businesses daily, so it must have accurate contact information. If you need to update any of the contact information (e.g., telephone, fax, email or website address) send an email to Nedra White

Name and address changes

Do Not Email

You must submit a written request if the legal name or address of your company has changed. Your written request should be on company letterhead and signed by the owner(s). Include a new W9 Form as well as a new Terms and Conditions form.

Submit your request and new forms to Nedra White, Director, MassUCP/DBE Certification Office.

Requests to update Description, Category Expansion and NAICS Code

Submit the following update requests in writing:

  • update your current certified description
  • add more NAICS codes

Each request must include:

  • the current description and the new description, or
  • current NAICS and the new NAICS

Send requests to via email to Nedra White

After we receive your request it will be place in queue. We will assign an investigator for further review.

Tax Returns

All tax returns (personal or business) must include a complete signed copy with all schedules and attachments. If you file a joint return you may white out the social security number of the non-certified person.



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