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MArtap driver training

The MArtap training curriculum is offered free of charge throughout the year, and is designed to help rural and small urban transit providers meet all the federal and state certification requirements

ATTENTION: At this time, MArtap is not offering in-person training in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the “Online Training” section below for more details.

Table of Contents

Required Training for 5310 & MAP Sub-recipients

MassDOT has mandated that all vehicle recipients under 5310 and Mobility Assistance Program (MAP) agree to ensure all vehicle drivers, paid and volunteer, receive proper training; therefore, the following training courses are required. Read more.

  • Accessible Lift Use and Passenger Securement (formerly Wheelchair Lift & Securement)
  • CPR (Not offered by MArtap)
  • Defensive Driving (formerly Coaching the Van Driver, NSC DDC3)
  • Disability Awareness (formerly Safe Transport of the Public under the ADA)
  • First Aid (Not offered by MArtap)
  • Substance Abuse Awareness Training (online course)

Accessible Lift Use and Passenger Securement

Required upon hire and every two years thereafter to maintain proficiency. This class is 4 hours.

  • Accessible lift operation
  • Proper tie-down procedures
  • Proper mobility device securement techniques
  • Proper passenger restraint technique
  • Examination: Hands-on proficiency exam

Defensive Driving

Required upon hire and every two years thereafter to maintain proficiency. This class is 4 hours.

  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Safety belts
  • Cushion of safety
  • Scanning
  • Blind spots
  • City, highway and rural driving
  • Backing
  • Safe stopping points
  • Pick-up and Drop-off procedures
  • Van characteristic
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness Safety Sensitive employee training

Disability Awareness

Required upon hire and every three years thereafter to maintain proficiency. This class is 3 hours.

  • Basic terms and requirement of the ADA
  • Identify and list major categories of disabilities and issues involved in transporting passenger with disabilities
  • Describes various procedures for interacting with passengers with disabilities
  • This course is geared to all members of the transit industry

Passenger Assistance Training

PAT combines Accessible Lift Use and Passenger Securement training and Disability Awareness. A driver must still complete Defensive Driving (includes Drug & Alcohol) training, CPR and First Aid in order to be in compliance. This class is designed for new hires who have not received prior training. This class is 8 hours. Drivers who do not to complete the entire curriculum of the PAT may register for a single component (indicate your intent at registration).

Online Training

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MArtap will temporarily offer the following courses through an online webinar format until it has been deemed safe to hold in-person training again:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Disability Awareness
  • Passenger Assistance Training (PAT)

Please note that the certifications received through the online version of these courses are for one year only, due to the shortened class duration and the inevitable limitations of instructor/trainee engagement that result from virtual learning.

If you have any concerns regarding expired training certificates, please email us at

Substance Abuse Awareness Training

Additional required training that is NOT offered by MArtap

CPR (certification must be renewed each year or per instructions of the trainer) Known as "Adult and Infant Heart Saver", this course teaches skills to rescue adults and infants using cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It also covers obstructed airways incidents and is appropriate for most lay persons (4 hours).

First Aid (certification must be renewed every two or per the instructions of the trainer). This course is designed to give the student basic First Aid knowledge. It covers rescue breathing, foreign body obstruction management, treatment of shock, wounds, poisoning, burns, heat stroke, frostbite, fractures and the management of heart, diabetic, and epileptic emergencies.

For more information, email us at

Training requests must be submitted to and approved by MArtap prior to scheduling. Allow 5 days for your request to be processed. Requests will be confirmed by e-mail. Training Classes are subject to cancellation if less than 15 drivers register.

Check the MArtap Driver Training calendar and register for a course

Access the driver training calendar and complete a registration form to sign up for a scheduled MArtap driver training session.





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