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MArtap Driver Training - calendar and registration

Consult the calendar below for scheduled MArtap driver training sessions.

Table of Contents

Register for a scheduled training session

Complete a Driver Training Registration Form to sign up for a scheduled training session.

If the training is within 5 days and you have not received a response from MArtap, please call us.

Request to host a Driver Training Session

To request hosting a training session, please complete a Request to Host a MArtap Driver Training Session.

MArtap Driver Training - class guidelines

Each class must have a minimum of 15 attendees or the class may be canceled.

Training classes are subject to change. Please check the website schedule prior to attending a class to confirm the times, location or date has not changed. Allow 5 days for your request to be processed.

All requests will receive a confirmation email from MArtap. Registration does not guarantee approval. Be sure to receive prior approval from MArtap before attending the training class.





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