Massachusetts Auto Fuel Prices

Get the latest Massachusetts Auto prices for gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuels such as propane, bio-fuels, compressed natural gas and Ethanol. Also find information on electric vehicles.
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Retail Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Prices

Weekly average data, state-wide, $ per gallon, self-serve, including 24.0 cent Massachusetts Excise tax, 2.6 cent underground fuel tank cleanup charge, and 18.3 cent Federal tax.

Gasoline/Diesel Prices: For the Period December 6, 2022 - December 14, 2022


This Week

Last Week

Last Year

% from Last Year






















Retail Alternative Fuel Prices

Prices for alternative fuels such as biodiesel (B20), compressed natural gas (CNG), ethanol (E85) and propane. Prices are per Gasoline Gallon Equivalent (GGE). Prices updated quarterly-from Mass. Clean Cities Coalition

                    Current Prices (2021)


Quarter 4 2021

Quarter 1 2021

Last Year

% Difference from Last Year

B5 $3.42 $2.49 $2.95 15.9%






















Additional Resources

Massachusetts Clean Cities (Alternative Transportation)

Mass. CNG Fueling Stations

Find the EV Charger Nearest to You (U.S. DOE)

U.S. DOE Alternative Fuels Data Center

Electric Vehicles Rebates & Information

As electric vehicles gain in popularity, take advantage of the rebates available in Massachusetts:

MOR-EV: State funded Electric Vehicle Rebate program for purchasing and leasing EVs. Eligible vehicles listed here

Program Announcement 6/25/20: Beginning June 25, 2020, commercial and nonprofit fleets, which include company-owned vehicles, companies with vans, rental car companies, and companies that provide vehicles to employees instead of paying mileage, will be eligible to receive rebates. Please visit The MOR-EV Website FAQ for details on the application process.

MOR-EV Truck Program:  New program for purchases of  battery electric and fuel-cell electric trucks with a sales price of more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000)  and having a  gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 8,500 pounds made on or after February 16, 2021 are eligible for a rebate.

Find a charging station:

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) provides a list of charger stations nation wide available here.  Consumers can also download an app for either IPhone or Android smartphones to find stations near them.  

Find the EV Charger Nearest to You (U.S. DOE)

Charging Rates for EVs:

Currently charging rates for EVs are set by the individual charging companies.  Visit the U.S. DOE's Alternative Fuels Data Center for recent pricing information.

For more information on Electric Vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles visit the Massachusetts Clean Cities Coalition.

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