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MassHire BizWorks business scenarios


Business scenarios

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Greater Boston area
Business issue: Company needed to downsize and lay off workers.

The Rapid Response team met with the company owners and introduced them to resources within the Commonwealth that could help avert layoffs. The company registered for the Workshare program, which helped to reduce payroll costs while retaining the employees. Workshare pays for a portion of the employees’ wages while the employees work reduced hours. As a result, the company was able to save 50 jobs and stayed afloat for much longer than expected.  It also made the company more viable for an eventual sale.  

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Middlesex County
Business issue: Company had already made the difficult decision to close by the time they contacted the Rapid Response Team. The closing affected 350 workers.  

The company was very concerned about their employees losing their jobs and wanted to find a way to reduce the impact on the employees. After the Rapid Response team met with the company, they got to work quickly by contacting other manufacturing companies in the area. Over 100 workers were placed in new jobs before the company even closed its doors. The other workers received on-site services, including Unemployment Insurance and information about MassHire Career Center services and retraining.   

Industry: Home Health Care
Location: Greater Lawrence area
Business issue: Company needed to train and certify nurses in mental health nursing, wound care and quality control.

The company was introduced to a Workforce Training Fund Program grant and received assistance on how to apply for the grant. The company received $68,200 grant to train all eligible nurses. 

Industry: Food Processing Company 
Location: Northeast Massachusetts
Business issue: Company needed assistance to acquire a new processing facility.

A team of representatives from agencies in the Commonwealth and local elected officials worked on an assistance package for this company. The company was matched to an Economic Development Incentive Program, and received tax incentives to fund the investment in the new plant. The company expects to create 125 new jobs in this facility.

Industry: Hospitality
Location: Central Massachusetts  
Business issue: Company needed assistance to build a new hotel to meet the needs of conventions in Worcester.

Representatives from agencies in the Commonwealth and local elected officials developed a package using the Economic Development Incentive Program. The company received tax incentives to build the new hotel, which will create 60 permanent jobs.


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