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MassWildlife staff directory

Use this directory to contact staff at all MassWildlife locations. For questions about wildlife and fish, email Mass.Wildlife@mass.gov or call 508-389-6300.

Table of Contents

Administration - Field HQ, Westborough

Administration staff are located at MassWildlife's Field Headquarters, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581.

  Name Title Phone
  Mark Tisa Director 508-389-6363
  Jonathan Regosin Deputy Director 508-389-6376
  Kris McCarthy Associate Director of Administration & Finance 508-389-6341
  Trina Moruzzi Assistant Director of Operations 508-389-6318
  Jim Burnham Program Coordinator 508-389-6343
  Debra Chamberlain Federal Aid Coordinator Assistant 508-389-6345
  Lori Cookman Federal Aid and Compliance Manager 508-389-6371
  Jill Durand Clerk 508-389-6329
  Colleen Hubbard Clerk 508-389-6303
  Debbie McGrath Program Coordinator 508-389-6304
  Robert Morley Business Analyst 508-389-6338
  Jim Pollock Operations Specialist 508-389-6347
  Susan Sacco Assistant to the Director 508-389-6342
  Jody Simoes Human Dimensions Project Leader 508-389-6308

Fisheries - Field HQ, Westborough

The Fisheries Section is located at MassWildlife's Field Headquarters, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581.

To report a fish kill, call 1-800-632-8075 (MA Environmental Police).

Name Title Phone
Todd Richards Assistant Director of Fisheries 508-389-6336
Caleb Slater Chief of Hatcheries 508-389-6331
Adam Kautza Coldwater Fishery Resource Project Leader 508-389-6302
Steven Mattocks Aquatic Connectivity and Fisheries Outreach Biologist 508-389-6339
Rebecca Quiñones Stream Biologist Project Leader 508-389-6333
Jason Stolarski Watershed Project Leader 508-389-6334
David Szczebak GIS Coordinator 508-389-6353

Hunter Education Program - Field HQ, Westborough

The Hunter Education Program is open M-F from 8 a.m.– 4 p.m. and is located at MassWildlife's Field Headquarters, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581.

Call the main Hunter Education Program office  at 508-389–7820, call the course enrollment line at 508-389-7830. 




Susan Langlois

Program Administrator


Hunter Education Program General Contact Number 508-389-7820

Tim Bradbury

Hunter Education Specialist


Steve Foster

Logistics/Pheasant Program


Cynthia Pratt Administrative / Program Assistant 508-389-7823

Information & Education - Field HQ, Westborough

The Information & Education Section is located at MassWildlife's Field Headquarters, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581.

Name Title Phone
Nicole McSweeney Acting Chief of Information & Education 508-389-6327
Bert Comins Learn to Fish and Hunt Programs and Outreach Specialist TBD
Troy Gipps Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine Editor & Publications Manager 508-389-6307
John Gutzeit Learn to Fish and Hunt Programs and Outreach Specialist 508-389-6314
Astrid Huseby R3 Coordinator 508-389-6305
Jim Lagacy Aquatic Resource Education Coordinator 508-389-6309
Pam Landry Wildlife Education Coordinator 508-389-6310
Edward McKenna Outreach & Communications Specialist 508-389-6344
Emily Stolarski Communication Coordinator 508-389-6393

Lands - Field HQ, Westborough

Name Title Phone
Liz Newlands CR Stewardship Coordinator 508-389-6328

Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program - Field HQ, Westborough

Questions? Telephone
Administration and General Information 508-389-6360
Publications 508-389-6300
Regulatory Review (North/Central/Western Massachusetts) 508-389-6357
Regulatory Review (Southeastern Massachusetts/Cape & Islands) 508-389-6385
Data 508-389-6383
GIS 508-389-6375
Vernal Pools 508-389-6373

The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program is located at MassWildlife's Field Headquarters 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581.

Name Title Phone
Eve Schlüter Assistant Director of Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program 508-389-6346
Jesse Leddick Chief of Regulatory Review 508-389-6386
Tara Boswell GIS Manager 508-389-6375
Daniel Bove Restoration Ecologist 508-389-6382
Chris Buelow Sr. Restoration Ecologist 508-389-6350
Caren Caljouw Prescribed Fire Program Manager 508-389-6395
Jason Carmignani Aquatic Biologist 508-389-7842
Melany Cheeseman Endangered Species Review Assistant 508-389-6357
Karen Dolan Finance & Projects Administrator 508-389-6349
Alex Entrup Prescribed Fire and Habitat Restoration Ecologist Contractor  
Karro Frost Conservation Planning Botanist 508-389-6390
Lauren Glorioso Endangered Species Review Biologist 508-389-6361
Amy Hoenig Endangered Species Review Biologist 508-389-6364
Emily Holt Sr. Endangered Species Review Assistant 508-389-6385
Tara Huguenin Conservation Data Specialist 508-389-6368
Mike Jones State Herpetologist  508-389-7863
Jacob Kubel Conservation Scientist 508-389-6373
Jennifer Longsdorf Natural Heritage Program Coordinator 508-389-6360
Lisa MacGillivray Habitat Mapping Biologist/Conservation Data Specialist 508-389-6365
Sarah Maier Information Manager 508-389-6383
Misty-Anne Marold Sr. Endangered Spec. Review Biologist 508-389-6356
Carolyn Mostello Coastal Waterbird Biologist 508-389-6372
Mike Nelson Invertebrate Zoologist 508-389-6374
David Paulson Sr. Endangered Species Review Biologist 508-389-6366
Amanda Veinotte NHESP Project Coordinator 508-389-6380
Robert Wernerehl State Botanist 508-389-7818
VACANT Endangered Species Review Biologist  508-389-6354

Wildlife - Field HQ, Westborough

The Wildlife Section is located at MassWildlife's Field Headquarters, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581.

Name Title Phone
Michael Huguenin Assistant Director of Wildlife 508-389-6317
Erik Amati Wildlife Biologist 508-389-6396
Jonathan Brooks Wildlife Population Ecologist 508-389-6323
Fletcher Clark Habitat Biologist 508-389-6319
Patrick Conlin Private Lands Habitat Biologist 508-389-6388
Brian Hawthorne Habitat Program Manager 413-358-1644
H Heusmann Waterfowl Project Leader 508-389-6321
Ben Mazzei Habitat Biologist 508-389-6306
Bridgett McAlice Wildlife Biologist 508-389-6392
Sue McCarthy Wildlife Biologist 508-389-6326
Marianne Piché Habitat Biologist 508-389-6313
David Scarpitti Turkey & Upland Game Project Leader 508-389-6377
Martin Feehan Deer & Moose Project Leader 857-289-2247
Andrew Vitz  State Ornithologist 508-389-6394
Thomas Wansleben Habitat Biologist 508-389-6337
Dave Wattles Black Bear & Furbearer Project Leader 508-389-6359

Boston Office

Some MassWildlife administrative offices are located at 251 Causeway Street, Suite 400, Boston, MA 02114.

Name Title Phone*
Bob Arini Fish & Wildlife Permit Specialist 617-626-1575
VACANT Program Coordinator 617-626-1577
Yunus Khalifa Program Coordinator 617-626-1584
David Manzer  License Receiving Teller 617-626-1594
Bob Oliver License Rev/Utility Payables Supervisor 617-626-1578
Kathy Plett Program Coordinator 617-626-1573

Central District Office, West Boylston

211 Temple Street
West Boylston, MA 01583

Name Title
Todd Olanyk District Supervisor
Jack Bonafini Technician
Rebecca Colby Aquatic Biologist
Scott Kemp Stewardship Specialist
Ethan LaPlante Technician
Debbie Manty Clerk
Jessi Manty Technician
James McCarthy DFG Land Agent
Mike Morelly Wildlife Biologist
Ian Sypek Technician
Bruce Walker Technician

Connecticut Valley District Office, Belchertown

341 East Street
Belchertown, MA 01007

Joe Rogers District Supervisor
Anne-Marie Bartus Clerk
Joshua Freniere Technician
Dave Fuller Wildlife Biologist
Jennifer Jones Stewardship Specialist
Brian Keleher Aquatic Biologist
Kevin Pelosky Technician
Christina Petersen DFG Land Agent
Shasta Slade Technician
Walter Tynan Technician

Northeast District Office, Ayer

85 Fitchburg Road
Ayer, MA 01432

Patricia Huckery District Supervisor
Chalis Bird​  Wildlife Biologist
Travis Drudi Stewardship Specialist
Leslie Gabrilska Clerk
Anne Gagnon DFG Land Agent
Joshua Gahagan Technician
Timothy Mathews Technician
Derek McDermott Technician
John Sheedy Aquatic Biologist

Southeast District Office, Buzzards Bay

195 Bournedale Road
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

Jason Zimmer District Supervisor
Aaron Best Stewardship Specialist
Jeff Breton Technician
Connor Fleming Technician
Dan Fortier Technician
John Garofoli Technician
Stephen Hurley Aquatic Biologist
Joan Pierce DFG Land Agent
Debra Silva Clerk
Stephen Wright Wildlife Biologist

Western District Office, Dalton

88 Old Windsor Road
Dalton, MA 01226

Andrew Madden District Supervisor
Ray Bressette Technician
Nathan Buckhout Wildlife Biologist
Leanda Fontaine Gagnon Aquatic Biologist
Brian Hawthorne Habitat Planning Coordinator
Debra Lipa Clerk
Peter Milanesi DFG Land Agent
Heather Sadler Technician
Jacob Morris-Siegel Stewardship Specialist
Eli Pease Technician

Fish Hatcheries

Bitzer Fish Hatchery
37 Hatchery Road, Montague
(413) 367-2477

Holly Hubert Hatchery Manager
Chet Hall Technician
Ryan Cleveland Technician
Brian Guerin Assistant Fish Culturist
Joseph Kendall Technician

McLaughlin Fish Hatchery
90 East Street, Belchertown
(413) 323-7671

Kurt Palmateer Hatchery Manager
Jennifer Ayre Fish Pathologist
Mark Coughlin Technician
Jeremy Davis Technician
Jeremy Jachym Technician
Chris Marsden Technician
Jacob Rawlings Technician
John Sousa Assistant Fish Culturist
Chet Thomas Assistant Fish Culturist

Roger Reed Hatchery
693 Ware Street, Palmer
(413) 283- 7440

Dan Marchant Hatchery Manager
Kevin Magowan Assistant Fish Culturist
Cameron Young Technician

Sandwich Hatchery
164 Rte 6A, Sandwich, MA 02563
(508) 888-0008

Adam Davies Hatchery Manager
Mike Clark Technician
Keith Wernert Technician
Greg McSharry Assistant Fish Culturist

Sunderland Hatchery
559 Amherst Rd., Sunderland, MA 01375
(413) 665-4680

Chuck Bell Hatchery Manager
Megan Cruz Technician
Kalina Flood Technician
Timothy Nye Assistant Fish Culturist
Andrew Ostrowski Technician
VACANT Technician