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Massachusetts Laws and Regulations.

The Massachusetts General Laws are comprised of statutes enacted by the legislature of Massachusetts.

The Code of Massachusetts Regulations is comprised of regulations promulgated by state agencies pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act (Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 30A). Regulations have the force and effect of law like statutes.




Pet Food & Feed

Fertilizer, Lime, Compost

Seeds, Plants, Vegetables

  • 330 CMR 6.00 - Seeds, apples, potatoes
  • 330 CMR 9.00 - Plant quarantine (including currant and gooseberry quarantine)


Land Use


  • 333 CMR 2.00 - General description
  • 333 CMR 3.00 - Rules for the conduct of business by the Pesticide Board and Subcommittee
  • 333 CMR 4.00 - Advisory councils to the Pesticide Board
  • 333 CMR 5.00 - Repealed
  • 333 CMR 6.00 - Repealed
  • 333 CMR 7.00 - State Experimental Use Permits
  • 333 CMR 8.00 - Registration of pesticide products
  • 333 CMR 9.00 - Licensing of pesticide dealers
  • 333 CMR 10.00 - Standards, requirements, and procedures for the certification and licensing of pesticide applications
  • 333 CMR 11.00 - Standards for the implementation of integrated pest management techniques and rights of way maintenance plans
  • 333 CMR 12.00 - Prevention of non-point source contamination of drinking water supplies
  • 333 CMR 13.00 - Standards, requirements, and procedures for the application of pesticides
  • 333 CMR 14.00 - Protection of children and families from harmful pesticides

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