Members of the BBRS Technical Advisory Committees

Members of the four BBRS technical advisory committees

Structural Advisory Committee

Han Xu
Richard Henige, Vice-chairman
Cesar I. Lastra, designee
Mehul Dhruv
Ranjit Siganayagam
Gary McLean
Michael Fillion
Richard Croswell
Vacant, Architect with structural expertise
Michael Berry
Dominic J. Kelly


Geotechnical Advisory Committee

Chris Erikson, Chairman
Commissioner Designee, Vacant
Scott DiFiore
John Roma
Michael Oakland
Damian Seibert
Martin Rodick
James Christensen
Jake McManus
Bill Solberg


Fire Protection / Fire Prevention Committee

Michael Roescher, Chairman
David LeBlanc, Vice-Chairman
Dan Walsh, Designee
Jen Hoyt, Designee
Louise Vera
Chief Fredrick Tustin
Joseph Castronovo
Paul Donga
Alexander MacLeod


Existing Buildings Advisory Committee

Mike DiMascio, Chairman
Daniel Walsh, designee
Jake Nunnemacher, designee
Mike Grover
Vernon Woodworth
Doug Anderson
Dana Haagensen
Lee Cleveland
David Horton
Kevin Hastings
Michael Shearer
Barry Gehron
Erik Eklund
Fred Lonardo


Contact for Members of the BBRS Technical Advisory Committees


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