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MEPA Office Contact List

Please direct all general inquiries to MEPA@mass.gov.
Name Title Phone E-mail
Tori Kim Director (857) 207-2996 tori.kim@mass.gov
Jennifer Hughes Deputy Director (617) 455-7063 jennifer.hughes@mass.gov
Joe Mejia EEA Paralegal Specialist (617) 519-4422 josbel.mejia@mass.gov
Nick Moreno Environmental Analyst (617) 699-4254 nicholas.moreno@mass.gov
Eva Vaughan Environmental Analyst (857) 408-6381 eva.vaughan@mass.gov
Amina Miliani Environmental Analyst (617) 620-4788 Amina.Miliani@mass.gov
Alex Strysky Environmental Analyst (857) 408-6957 alexander.strysky@mass.gov
Nick Perry Environmental Analyst (617) 921-2961 Nicholas.perry@mass.gov
Matthew Sokop Environmental Analyst (617) 894-4738 Matthew.J.Sokop@mass.gov

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