Options Counseling

Options Counseling is available to help adults aged 60+, their family members, and caregivers make decisions about available supportive services.  

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About the Options Counseling Program

The aging process can be overwhelming. There are many resources available to help you or your loved one age, but it can be stressful to navigate all your options. That’s where an Options Counselor comes in.  

An Options Counselor provides unbiased information to help people find long-term personal care, transportation services, and other resources to assist in the aging process. Options Counselors can provide guidance on where to live—whether that means staying home, moving in with family, or finding a nursing home or assisted living facility. And wherever you decide to live, an Options Counselor can point you in the right direction to get connected to services available in your community.  

An Options Counselor can meet with you or speak to you over the phone and will work with you to determine next steps for you or your loved one.

Eligibility and Cost

Options Counseling is a free service for adults aged 60+, adults living with a disability, and their family members and caregivers.


To speak to an Options Counselor in your area, call MassOptions toll free at (800) 243-4636.

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