PANDAS/PANS Advisory Council Members

Council members

State ex-officio member

  • Elaine Gabovitch, MPA
    PANDAS/PANS Advisory Council Chair | Commissioner’s Designee
    Director, Division for Children & Youth with Special Health Needs
    Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Public members

All Advisory Council members have lived experience caring for a family member with PANDAS/PANS or professional experience treating or working with people with PANDAS/PANS.

Council member seats are listed below as they appear in the legislation.

Council Member Affiliation Council Seat
Margaret Chapman, APRN, MSN, PNMHCNS Bridge Consultants Child psychiatric practitioner
Karen Colwell Massachusetts Coalition for PANDAS/PANS Legislation Appointed council member
Sylvia Fogel MD Mass General Hospital Lurie Center for Autism
Harvard Medical School
Appointed council member
John Gaitanis, MD Tufts Medical Center Floating Hospital for Children Health care provider/medical specialist
Sheilah Gauch, LICSW, MEd
PANDAS/PANS Advisory Council Co-Facilitator
Dearborn Academy
Massachusetts Coalition for PANDAS/PANS Legislation
Special Educator Administrator
Melissa Glynn-Hyman, LICSW Private Practice
New England PANS/PANDAS Association
Licensed social worker
Lisa Grisolia New England PANS/PANDAS Association Representative of a Massachusetts non-profit PANDAS/PANS Advocacy Organization.
Kathleen Maher, MS-PHCNS, RN Perkins School for the Blind Representative of a professional organization in this State for school nurses.
Melissa McCormack, MD, PhD Wholistic Pediatricians
Bridge Consultants


Mark Pasternack, MD Massachusetts General Hospital for Children Physician specializing in infectious diseases
Michelle Pinto, RN Worcester State University
Massachusetts Coalition for PANDAS/PANS Legislation
Parent of a child with PANDAS/PANS
Blake Poggi, MA, CCC-SLP Mending Minds Foundation for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Post-infectious Neuroimmune Disorders Appointed council member
Jennifer M. Vitelli, MBA
PANDAS/PANS Advisory Council Co-Facilitator
JBC PANS & PANDAS Foundation
Massachusetts Coalition for PANDAS/PANS Legislation
Parent of a child with PANDAS/PANS
Kyle Williams, MD, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital
MGH Lurie Center for Autism
Medical researcher
Yujuan (Julia) Zhang, MD Tufts Children’s Hospital Health care provider/medical specialist

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