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Pesticide License and Recertification Program

Massachusetts Pesticide License Retraining and Audit Requirements

List of Individuals whose Credits are Due in CY 2024

As per State Regulations, 333 CMR 10.08(3)(f) and further outlined below, individuals maintaining a valid Massachusetts Pesticide Credential must complete training that offers Pesticide Continuing Education Units a.k.a. “Pesticide Credits”  every three years. The list above includes those individuals whose three-year r cycle ends on 12/31/2024.


The required number of Pesticide Credits within an individual’s three-year training cycle are as follows:

·         Licensed pesticide applicators: six (6) pesticide credits.

·         Licensed dealers: three (3) credits

·         Commercial Certified applicators: twelve (12) credits PER CATEGORY

·         Private Certified applicators: twelve (12) credits PER CATEGORY


After attending a training that offers Massachusetts Pesticide Credits you will be issued proof of attendance a.k.a. certificate of training credit.  These training certificates must include the signature of training provider, your signature as the person attending the training, your first and last name, your pesticide license number and the category (if applicable) to which the credits apply.  Failure to have any of those elements makes the training certificate or credit invalid and it will not be accepted when you submit the credit during the renewal period.  You must maintain the credits and claim and submit them during the annual renewal period (see below).  The Department does not receive credits directly from the training provider but relies on you, the Pesticide Applicator or Pesticide Dealer to provide them.   

Please keep in mind that you may only obtain half of your required training credits through an “On-Demand” training provider.  For more information on this, please review the policy relative to online credits at: https://www.mass.gov/doc/online-ceu-policy/download

For more information on workshops to earn pesticide training credits , please visit the MDAR Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education (PACE) and UMASS Pesticide Education Program Websites.


How to Submit Your Credits

Please do NOT mail your credits to the Department.  You must maintain your Pesticide Training Certificates and claim and submit them during the annual renewal period. You will submit your Pesticide Training Certificate during the annual online pesticide renewal process.  You will need electronic copies of your pesticide training certificates to upload them into your EEA ePLACE Portal Account when filing your annual license renewal application.

At the time of filing your annual renewal, if your three-year training cycle ends in that year, the online system will NOT accept your renewal application, unless you claim and upload the needed pesticide training credits in the system.  If you do not have the appropriate number of credits or if your credits are NOT valid at the time of renewal, you will be required to re-take the test.

To find out when your three-year cycle is ending, please refer to the information that was emailed to you when you renewed your license and received your current license. 

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