Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Information about the decommissioned Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Table of Contents

Status of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (“Pilgrim”) is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Pilgrim permanently ceased power generation operations on May 31, 2019 and is currently being decommissioned.

Following guidance from the Nuclear Regulatory Committee, the 10 mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) around the plant that existed while Pilgrim was operational has been eliminated.

The plans and procedures about an emergency incident at Pilgrim that were previously outlined and disseminated to residents in annual calendars are no longer in effect. Residents who have questions about local community emergency plans should contact their local Emergency Management Director for more information.

For information on Holtec International’s decommissioning of Pilgrim, see: https://hdi-decom.com/our-fleet/pilgrim-decommissioning/.

How to Prepare for Emergencies

  • Be informed by receiving alerts, warnings, and public safety information before, during, and after emergencies.
    • Learn about local warning procedures in your community, including outdoor sirens or horns or automated telephoning systems used for sending emergency notifications.
  • Assemble an Emergency Kit.  
  • Create and review your family emergency plan.
  • Let your local Emergency Management Director (EMD) know in advance if you need any assistance during an emergency. If you or someone in your household would need notification or assistance with emergency sheltering-in-place, evacuating, or staying in a mass care shelter, let your EMD know.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • If you have an emergency or you need the assistance of a first responder (police, fire, EMS), call 9-1-1.
  • For community specific information about shelters, resources, and other local information, residents should contact their local Emergency Management Director or local public safety officials.
  • Residents can also call 2-1-1 for non-emergency questions.