Preventive Hazard Evaluation for Process Safety

This document refers to the Massachusetts Fire Code and offers suggestions to incorporate pollution prevention into hazard evaluation for emergency preparedness.


The 2012 Massachusetts Fire Code hazardous material processing regulation (527 CMR 33) requires a hazard evaluation or limited process safety program. Companies covered by this regulation must document that:

  • A hazard evaluation has been done, and
  • Safety measures are being integrated into operations.

Preparing for emergencies involving hazardous chemicals processing requires an understanding of what can go wrong and how to control it if it does. Preventing such emergencies requires an understanding of alternative ways of accomplishing work without creating the hazards that pose a risk of harm.

This document covers:

  1. Integrating process safety with related efforts
  2. Toxics use reduction planning as a complementary measure to hazard analysis
  3. Process safety management
  4. Questions to ask when examining equipment containing chemicals
  5. Questions to ask to improve process safety

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