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Probate and Family Court eReminder Notifications for Court Events

Sign up for eReminder notifications for your court events

Electronic notifications will allow you to receive text-message reminders of a court event(s) scheduled in a specific Probate and Family Court case (identified by docket number). Reminders will be sent to your cell phone four (4) days and one (1) day before the date of your next court event . Message and data rates may apply. This is a courtesy notification from the court and you should always check your original event notice for more details.

The court may also reach out to you by e-mail for certain matters pertaining to your case.

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Who can opt-in to receive text message reminders for their court events?

Any party to a case may opt-in to receive text reminders by filling out the Opt-In for Electronic Notification (PFC 29) and submitting by mail or in person to the local court where their case(s) is being heard. This form may also be e-filed at eFileMA | Massachusetts Court System.

For more information on e-Filing, please go to eFiling in the Probate and Family Court.

At this time, attorneys will not receive text reminders.

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What if I have cases in multiple courts or multiple cases in one court?

You will need to file an Opt-In for Electronic Notification (PFC 29) form for each court location. If you have multiple cases in the same court location, just one form needs to be filed.


What do I do if my address, e-mail address, or phone number has changed?

You need to contact the local court where your case was filed for more information on keeping your information up to date.

Who can see the information on the opt-in form?

Only court staff can see your opt-in form, it is not available to the public in your paper or electronic file. Your mailing address, e-mail, and/or telephone number may appear on different pleadings in your public court file and may be accessible as required by law and/or court rule.

What do I do if I no longer want to receive text reminders of court events?

You may opt-out of receiving text reminders by filling out the Opt-Out for Electronic Notification (PFC 30) form and submitting it to the local court where the case was being heard by mail, in person, or by e-filing it at eFileMA | Massachusetts Court System

For more information on eFiling, please go to eFiling in the Probate and Family Court.

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