Professionalism Course for New Lawyers

SJC Rule 3:16 requires that lawyers newly admitted to the Massachusetts bar enroll in a professionalism course.

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Professionalism Course Information

SJC Rule 3:16 on Practicing with Professionalism requires a mandatory course on professionalism for new lawyers admitted to the Massachusetts bar, effective September 1, 2013. Below view the 2019 Professionalism Course Calendar for course offerings and the list of providers with links to their professionalism course web pages.

Approved Providers

Follow links below for specific course and registration information:

Boston Bar Association (BBA)

Greater Lynn Bar Association (GLBA)

Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA)

Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc. (MCLE)

2019 Professionalism Course Calendar

Please see the providers' websites for details of time and place

January 10, MBA (Boston)

February 7, MBA (Worcester)

February 15, BBA (Boston)

March 3, MBA (Taunton)

March 11, MCLE (Boston)

April 5, BBA (Boston)

April 26, BBA (Springfield)

May 13, MCLE (Boston)

May 30, MBA (Worcester)

June 21, BBA (Boston)

July 18, MBA (Boston)

August 15, BBA (Boston)

September 5, GLBA  (Lynn)

September 9, MCLE (Boston)

September 19, MBA (Lowell)

October 11, BBA (Boston)

October 17, MBA (Springfield)

November 4, MCLE (Boston)

December 5, GLBA (Lynn)

December 6, BBA (Boston)

SJC Standing Advisory Committee on Professionalism

The SJC Standing Advisory Committee on Professionalism is charged with overseeing the implementation of SJC Rule 3:16 on Practicing with Professionalism, which requires a mandatory course on professionalism for new lawyers admitted to the Massachusetts bar. The rule was effective on September 1, 2013.  

The Committee's duties and responsibilities include: designating approved course providers; making recommendations to the Court regarding the fees to be charged for the course and any circumstances under which the fees may be waived; evaluating the course providers; reporting to the Court on at least an annual basis on the implementation of the course and an assessment of whether the program is accomplishing its intended goals and outcomes; and overseeing the administration of all aspects of SJC Rule 3:16. 

Committee Members

Hon. Margot Botsford, Chair, SJC (ret.)

Heidi Alexander, Deputy Director, Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers

Linda G. Bauer, Assistant Bar Counsel, Office of Bar Counsel

Kendra Berardi, Robinson & Cole

Joseph Berman, General Counsel, Board of Bar Overseers

Beth D. Cohen, Associate Dean, Western New England School of Law

Maura S. Doyle, Clerk of the SJC for The County of Suffolk

Hon. Kevin Maltby, District Court

Ingrid C. Schroffner, Assistant General Counsel, Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Kathleen Elliot Vinson, Director of Legal Writing, Suffolk University Law School

Marilyn J. Wellington, Executive Director, Board of Bar Examiners