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Public access to Juvenile Court events in Worcester county

Public access to some Juvenile Court events is available in real time by calling the phone numbers listed below.

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Notice for publicly accessible hearing list

The link below contains a listing of all scheduled publicly accessible hearings for the week noted in this Juvenile Court division as appearing in the Massachusetts Trial Court Case Management System (MassCourts).

Please call the Office of the Clerk-Magistrate to determine how you may access the hearing you are interested in attending. Please note that the information provided is accurate as to the date that the list was generated and some hearings listed may have already been rescheduled to another future date while other hearings may have been added later that do not appear on this list.

Recording of any court event without the prior permission of the presiding judge is strictly prohibited. 

Daily list

Public access telephone line


Call (508) 831-2479

Last updated: July 24, 2020

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