Public-Private Partnerships (P3’s) Team

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) description for the Public-Private Partnerships (P3’s) Team

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The Public-Private Partnership (P3) team identifies and executes long-term real estate transactions that leverage the value of state assets to access private financing and development expertise and deliver cost-effective improvements that advance the mission of various state agencies. Often these projects include private development components which advance specific policy goals, such as economic development, housing production, improved human services delivery, and equity, diversity, and inclusion.


While each partnership is unique to the asset, location, user agency and use type, every P3 involves: 

  • Analyzing project feasibility 
  • Defining success with our partner agencies; establishing key goals and planning principles; identifying areas for physical, programmatic, and policy improvements
  • Designing and administering a fair and competitive disposition process to achieve key goals
  • Identifying and selecting a capable development partner(s)
  • Leveraging private sector risk management capabilities
  • Negotiating, executing, and monitoring development agreements to ensure delivery of a successful project 
  • Assisting in the transition and modernization of service delivery at the site
  • Long-term leases, rather than sales, of state property to maintain Commonwealth ownership and establish an ongoing relationship with the development partner throughout the life of the lease


P3s seek to mitigate the capital cost obligation on the Commonwealth by attracting private partners with the ability to finance all or a part of the improvements. These projects monetize an asset’s value to reinvest in physical improvements, and in some cases involve the modernization of service delivery in response to shifting models and best practices. This approach is intended to deliver projects which benefit from the experience and expertise of qualified development partners, multiply the impact of public capital investments, and improve state assets and services to support the critical missions of their user agencies.

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