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Quick Start Telework Guide

Commonwealth employees who have been approved for telework can find the information needed to do their job remotely here, including how to use a VPN, how to access email away from the office, and how to take part in web conferences.

Table of Contents

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Introduction to Teleworking

This guide complements the other rich resources that have been developed and shared across the Commonwealth to help you be successful in teleworking, with a focus on the basics for:

  • Staying connected and collaborating with your team
  • Conducting and joining audio and video conference calls and meetings
  • Accessing systems required to do your job
  • Accessing shared files
  • Effectively using and improving your knowledge and skill level of available Office 365 applications

Please note:
Due to various computer configurations, access to different systems and different versions of software and applications across our enterprise, not all these services or resources may apply.

New to Telework?

Telework enables Commonwealth employees to work remotely. Resources listed below will help you learn more about optimizing your telework experience and improving your focus and productivity.

New to Outlook or Office 365?

Office 365 brings the power of Microsoft Office to the cloud. Access your Office tools like Outlook Email, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc. virtually accessible anywhere. Here are a few resources for Office 365.

New to Virtual Private Network? VPN

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need VPN to access MS Office desktop applications that are on your laptop or device, Outlook Web Access (OWA) or other tools within Office 365.

First let’s review some common acronyms and terms you will need to be familiar with:

VPN – Virtual Private Network

Lets you securely and remotely access files and applications that normally are only accessible while at your physical work location. This access is needed by users only when they need to access a shared drive or a secure system or application.

VID – Virtual Identification

Your unique identification – your username and password that must be entered each time you log in to the VPN

Pulse Secure

The Commonwealth's solution to provide secure, authenticated remote access to authorized employees. 

Requesting VPN access 

If VPN is required for you to access what you need to do your job, you will need to need to submit a request to your agency’s Department Security Officer or your agency’s help desk support.

Setting up VPN

Check out the  VPN Service FAQ for answers to questions you may have.