Recycling & Composting for Kids, Teachers & Schools

Learn about effective school recycling and composting programs. Enroll your class or school in the MassDEP Green Team.

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School Recycling Guidance & Resources

Watch a video of and download helpful materials from a "School Recycling in Massachusetts" webinar that MassDEP presented in November 2020.

Listen to an MP3 of "Composting for the Earth (The Compost Song)" © 2021 by Ann McGovern. Use authorized for educational purposes only.

Review case studies of school recycling and composting initiatives and programs in communities across Massachusetts.

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The MassDEP School Green Team

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MassDEP invites your class or school to join The Green Team.

This interactive educational program empowers students and teachers to help the environment through waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, energy conservation, and pollution prevention.

More than 200 Massachusetts schools participate in the Green Team program during a typical academic year.

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How to Enroll & Benefit

The Green Team program includes a curriculum with individual lesson plans and materials focusing on three major subject areas: clean air, climate change, and recycling/composting.

Learn how to sign up for the Green Team, take advantage of its tools and resources, and find out how your school can qualify for free recycling and composting equipment.

Participating classes receive certificates of recognition and are eligible to win awards.

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Classroom Kit & Lesson Plans

The Green Team Classroom Kit and Virtual Library provide educational activities and materials, lesson plans, assignment templates, teacher resources, and more. 

All materials are free and may be downloaded from the Green Team website.

Green Team lessons align with Massachusetts Department of Education curriculum frameworks to help meet teaching requirements for Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Science/Technology/Engineering.

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Free Equipment for Your School

MassDEP provides registered Green Team schools with recycling and composting equipment and supplies, including:

  • Recycling bins
  • Wheeled carts
  • Composting bins
  • Worms (for worm bins)

Awards are subject to equipment availability. See Additional Resources below to learn more.

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