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Information, grants and loans, technical assistance, and tools from MassDEP, RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts, and other organizations.

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Grants & Loans

MassDEP and other organizations offer financial assistance that helps grow business and institutional recycling across Massachusetts.

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RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts

RecyclingWorks is a MassDEP-supported technical assistance program that helps businesses and institutions across the state reduce waste generation and disposal, and maximize recycling, composting, and reuse.

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Massachusetts WasteWise

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WasteWise is a voluntary program - sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and MassDEP - that helps businesses and institutions take steps to reduce solid and hazardous wastes. 

By joining WasteWise, your organization can:

  • Participate in twice-yearly forums on waste reduction and recycling,
  • Gain public recognition for successful waste reduction efforts,
  • Network with other WasteWise member organizations,
  • Use the WasteWise logo to promote your environmental efforts, and
  • Receive technical assistance to implement its WasteWise strategies.

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Reuse Marketplace

Reuse Marketplace is a free online surplus materials exchange serving the New England and Mid Atlantic states. While it is open to anyone who has unneeded items or can put them to good use, it was specifically designed to help businesses and institutions make connections.

By using Reuse Marketplace, your organization can:

  • Save money on disposal,
  • Acquire needed items at low or no cost,
  • Meet sustainability and waste reduction goals,
  • Earn credit toward Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification, and
  • Boost its public profile.

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