Required fees for Assisted Living Residence Providers

Find the fees associated with operating an Assisted Living Residence (ALR).

Table of Contents

Certification Application Fee

EOEA charges a non-refundable fee set by the Secretary of Administration and Finance pursuant to M.G.L. c. 7, § 3B for the filing of the Application for Certification of an Assisted Living Residence.

Currently, the fee charged for filing the Application of Certification is $200.

Per Unit fee

Upon receiving notice of Certification, a Sponsor shall forward within 10 days to EOEA a Certification fee, set by the Secretary for Administration and Finance pursuant to M.G.L. c. 7, § 3B based on the number of Units certified on the date of its most recent Application.

Failure to pay the fee within the 10 day period shall result in a finding of non-compliance by EOEA under 651 CMR 12.09. No fee for initial certification or certification renewal shall be due from any Assisted Living Residence created under the HUD Assisted Living Conversion Program.

When either applying for certification for the first time or re-certifying your Assisted Living Residence, there is currently a $125/Unit certification fee. 

Additional Units fee

You must inform EOEA in writing at least 30 days prior to any changes of the ALR, including a change in the number of units

Below is the pro-rated fee schedule used for additional Units:

Number of months until the Residence's Certification Renewal Date Pro-rated fee for additional Units
18-24 months $125.00/Unit
12-18 months $93.75/Unit
6-12 months $62.50/Unit
Less than 6 months $31.25/Unit


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