Rethink opioids for pain relief: does your child need them?

Consider alternatives.

Talk to your child's health care provider

Perhaps your child needs surgery, such as oral surgery, or your child has a sports-related injury. A doctor or dentist may recommend prescription pain relievers (opioids).

If that happens, be sure to talk with your child's healthcare provider about non-opioid pain relief options. There are non-opioid pain relievers, and some of them are over-the-counter. Learn more about preventing opioid misuse among student athletes. If your child does need a prescription, manage it closely and talk to them about the dangers of misusing. You can even request a partial fill of the prescription if you would prefer to keep the quantity even smaller.

Keep in mind that your child could be offered prescription pain meds from a friend who has a prescription. Let your child know it is never okay to share these meds.

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