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Revocation of Executive Order #595 - Frequently Asked Questions

A resource for questions on the revocation of Executive Order #595

Effective May 11, 2023, the state and federal Public Health Emergencies for COVID-19 will end. Executive Order #595 (EO 595) and the vaccination verification policy will also be rescinded on May 11, 2023. Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding the revocation of Executive Order #595.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will change on May 11th?

Most new hires will no longer have to provide proof of vaccination or obtain an exemption in order to be eligible for employment.

2. What facilities will continue to have a vaccine requirement?

The following facilities will continue to have a vaccine requirement in accordance with state or federal regulations:

  1. Chelsea and Holyoke Soldiers Homes
  2. All Department of Mental Health or Department of Public Health state hospitals
  3. Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (Department of Mental Health)
  4. State-operated congregate care facilities, including those operated by the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Developmental Services (including group homes), and the Department of Youth Services
  5. Hogan and Wrentham Developmental Centers

3. If an employee had a medical or religious exemption due to the vaccine mandate that required them to mask, socially distance, and/or test, will these requirements remain in place?

No. Requirements arising from exemptions granted under EO 595 will no longer be in place. 

4. Will employees be expected to wear a mask when present in the workplace?

Absent any work site-specific requirement, there will be no general requirement for employees to wear a mask while at their work location. Employees may voluntarily wear a mask for personal reasons.

5. Does the revocation of the vaccine verification policy impact the ability to telework?

No, the revocation of the vaccine verification policy does not impact the Telework policy. The ability to telework, consistent with the Telework policy, is based on operational needs of the agency.

6. What can a manager do if employees have concerns about working with coworkers they believe are unvaccinated?

Managers should listen to employee concerns and determine whether there is a way to address individual concerns consistent with operational need and Executive Department policies. Employees cannot refuse to work at their designated location or refuse to work alongside co-workers they believe are not vaccinated.

7. What will happen to the employee vaccination verification records?

Consistent with record retention requirements, records will continue to be maintained confidentially, in a file separate from the employee’s personnel record.

8. Will employees who were granted accommodations because of a disability that placed them at higher risk for serious illness if they contracted COVID-19 have their accommodations revisited?

No. Accommodations unrelated to EO 595 will not be revisited due to rescission of EO 595 and the vaccine verification policy. 

9. Will there be outreach to employees who resigned as a result of EO 595?

The Human Resources Division will contact employees who resigned as a result of their decision related to compliance with EO 595 to determine their interest in reapplying for employment with the Commonwealth.

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