Schedule CT-NPM for Stampers

Cigarette stampers, learn the requirements when completing the Schedule CT-NPM.

Stampers are authorized by the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR).

All Stampers are required to file a Schedule CT-NPM within 20 days of the close of each reporting month. The Schedule must be filled out and filed with DOR even if a Stamper

  • Did not stamp any cigarettes for a Non-Participating Manufacturer ("NPM") in the prior month, or
  • If the number required in any column is "0."

The information on the Schedule CT-NPM should be legible and you should not list subcategories of brands, such as "menthols" or "lights."

Failure to correctly, and timely, file Schedule CT-NPM may result in the Commissioner's refusal to:

  • Sell cigarette stamps to you 
  • Suspension or revocation of your authority to stamp cigarettes for sale in Massachusetts pursuant to 830 C.M.R. 94E.1.1(4)(b).

Any questions regarding Schedule CT-NPM should be addressed to:

Brenda L. McConville
Cigarette and Tobacco Unit
P.O. Box 7004
(617) 887-6774
(Fax) (617) 660-0162

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