School-Based Health Centers - how we do it

We focus on integrating health and education, creating healthy kids and helping them learn better.
Be safe

Be connected.

Our clinicians become trusted adults for the students that visit the health center and use risk and resiliency assessments to identify strengths and plan for success. We know that certain environmental and behavioral factors interact to put a child at risk or to make them more resilient to the challenges of life.

Find Protective Factors. Fortify kids.

Our clinicians focus on helping kids believe there is a promising future for them. We understand the developmental challenges of childhood and adolescence; we know how to listen and use specific interviewing methods and screening tools to look at the big picture, and develop strategies to help kids become more resilient.

We assess students for protective factors and behaviors that promote feelings of confidence and self-worth. Then, we help kids develop a plan to take care of their bodies and incorporate behavioral goals building upon their strengths.

This can include encouraging involvement in positive youth development activities that are known to counter risk factors and offer protective value, including: access to structured activities, opportunities for community service and civic participation, feeling connected to school, motivation to succeed in school, having a trusted adult in their life, involvement in sports, and involvement in Gay/Straight Alliance or community-based Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Support.

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