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Senior Care Options (SCO) Overview

A Medicare-Medicaid Partnership for Eligible Seniors

Senior Care Options (SCO) is a comprehensive health plan. SCO covers all of the services normally paid for through Medicare and MassHealth. This plan provides services to members through a senior care organization and its network of providers. SCO offers the opportunity to receive quality health care by combining health services with social support services. It does this by coordinating care and specialized geriatric support services, along with respite care for families and caregivers. SCO offers an important advantage for eligible members over traditional fee-for-service care. There are no copays for members enrolled in SCO.

Enrollment in this managed care program is voluntary, and once enrolled, a member may disenroll any month of the year. Enrollment is open to MassHealth Standard members who meet the following criteria:

  • are aged 65 or older;
  • live at home or in a long-term-care facility (member cannot be an inpatient at a chronic or rehabilitation hospital or reside in an intermediate care facility for people with intellectual disabilities);
  • are not subject to a six-month deductible period under MassHealth regulations at; and
  • live in an area served by a SCO plan.

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