Spills - Emergency Preparedness and Response

MassDEP coordinates with other state and federal agencies to plan, prepare and train for potentially catastrophic spills of hazardous materials.

Bakken Crude Oil Spill Guidance

North America has experienced a dramatic increase in the overall volume of domestic crude oil transported via rail. MassDEP through our contractor CB&I Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc., has developed a comprehensive guidance and training for first responders in dealing with the potential toxic and flammable hazards associated with catastrophic releases of Bakken Crude.

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Large Volume Ethanol Spill Guidance

As a result of concerns related to the increased prevalence of train transport of ethanol, and the potential magnitude of spills,MassDEP, through our scientific support contractor Shaw Environmental I Infrastructure Group, has developed a comprehensive large volume ethanol spill guidance document.   This guidance contains information on the environmental impacts and emergency response techniques for ethanol and ethanol blend fuels.

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