Standing Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure

Reviews issues and proposals concerning the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure.

Table of Contents


This committee assists the Court in reviewing and recommending amendments to the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure. Members include judges, court clerks, practicing lawyers and law professors. The committee reports to the SJC Rules Committee.

Chair:  Attorney Nelson Apjohn, Esq.
Secretary:  Christine Burak, Esq., of the Supreme Judicial Court

Committee Members

Nelson Apjohn, Esq., Chair       

Stephanie Belandis, Esq.     

Jesse Boodoo, Esq.   

Hon. Paula Clifford 

Felicia Ellsworth, Esq.      

Hon. Robert Fields

Clerk Mary Hickey, Superior Court

Hon. Myong Joun

Clerk Michelle Kelley, District Court

Clerk for the Commonwealth Francis Kenneally, Supreme Judicial Court       

David Lewis, Esq.                

David Mackey, Esq. 

Hon. Thomas McGuire

Hon. Lisa Roberts  

Hon. Peter Sacks 

Professor Linda Sandstrom Simard

Clerk Joseph Stanton, Appeals Court       

Amy Stewart, Second Assistant Clerk, Supreme Judicial Court Clerk for the County of Suffolk

Jeffrey Trapani, Esq.              

Last updated: December 15, 2020