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Standing Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure

Reviews issues and proposals concerning the Massachusetts Rules of Civil and Appellate Procedure.

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This committee assists the Court in reviewing and recommending amendments to the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure and the Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure. Members include judges, court clerks, practicing lawyers and law professors. The committee reports to the SJC Rules Committee.

Chair:  Attorney Nelson Apjohn, Esq.
Secretary:  Christine Burak, Esq., of the Supreme Judicial Court

Committee Members

Nelson Apjohn, Esq., Chair       

Clerk Joseph Stanton                      

Stephanie Belandis, Esq.                       

Clerk Maura Doyle                    

Clerk Fran Kenneally                      

State Solicitor Bessie Dewar                   

Hon. Ernest Sarason              

Hon. Douglas Wilkins                 

Gordon P. Katz, Esq.                      

Hon. Gabrielle Wolohojian            

Hon. Lisa Roberts 

Hon. Kathryn Hand

Prof. Linda Sandstrom Simard

Felicia Ellsworth, Esq.          

David Lewis, Esq.                

David Mackey, Esq. 

Last updated: April 25, 2018