Statewide Advocacy for Veterans Empowerment (SAVE) Program

SAVE is a peer outreach program that connects veterans with peers to help them access benefits, services, and supports, and support their overall mental health.

"You Give Us the Call…We'll Give You the Answer."

The fundamental principle of the SAVE program is to advocate for veterans who are not able to obtain the benefits they have earned due to institutional or personal barriers. The program's primary mission is prevention of suicide and mental health distress through the identification of issues facing veterans when they return from service and proactively providing them with access to benefits and services that may address these issues and result in positive transitions back to civilian life.

SAVE acts as a liaison between veterans and their families and the various agencies within the federal and state governments.

The SAVE team works closely, and in collaboration, with the Massachusetts National Guard. Resources offered by the Massachusetts National Guard and their Family Readiness Program are available to all service members and their families, regardless of the branch in which they serve.

Contact Offices

Boston Office:

Executive Office of Veterans Services
600 Washington St., 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
Toll-free: 1-888-844-2838
fax: 617-210-5755

Chelsea Office:

Chelsea Veterans Home
91 Crest Avenue, Building D
Chelsea, MA 02150

Holyoke Office:

Holyoke Veterans Home
110 Cherry Street, Office 065
Holyoke, MA 01040

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